Saturday, February 13, 2010

DRDO iin the 6th DEFEXPO India

DRDO is participating in a big way in the 6th DEFEXPO India 2010 being held during 15-18 February, 2010 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A DRDO pavilion is having comprises of Indoor Space Area of 1199 sq m (54.5 m x 22 m) and Outdoor Space Area of 1000 sq m (125 m x 8 m). There are 11 Outdoor Exhibits and nearly 220 Indoor Exhibits in this year DEFEXPO. The Outdoor Exhibit includes PINAKA Launcher, UAV-Nishant without launcher, DAKSH-ROVs and NETRA UAV, MBT ARJUN, Rohini Radar, Data Center Vehicle, NBC Water Purification System on ALS, Shourya, PAD with launcher, AKASH launcher, Group Control Center. The design concept of the DRDO pavilion has been based on the symbolism of the Triskelion Spiral which is an ancient solar symbol that represents the unity of the three elements (Land, Air and Water) in one super entity (the Sun). DRDO which is a self-reliant and self-sustaining organisation, connects not only the three corresponding services i.e. Army, Air Force and Navy but also brings together the academia, the industry and the user services.

The theme of DRDO pavilion of the DefExpo India 2010 is “For Military and Paramilitary”. In this context, a special stall on Low-Intensity Conflict Technologies has also been set up, apart from the regular stalls on the clusters’ activities which are Electronic & Computer Sciences, Naval Systems/Aero, Missiles, Armaments, Life Sciences & NBC, Combat Vehicles & Engineering.

This time, the DRDO is also the official sponsor of DefExpo India 2010.

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