Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rafael at Defexpo 2010

For the first time at Defexpo, Rafael will display the Spike NLOS – ATGM for helicopters, LCV and naval vessels for non-line-of-sight ranges. The Spike NLOS is the newest member of the:

Spike Family – Electro-optic, Tactical, Precision, Guided Missile Systems
• Spike-LR – Long range ATGM for infantry, LCV and naval vessels
• Spike-ER – Extended Range ATGM for helicopters, LCV and naval vessels

In addition, Rafael will display its Air and Missile Defense Systems
• Spyder SR/MR – Short and medium range air defense system
• Iron Dome - Defense against short range artillery rockets
• Barak – Naval air defense missile system

Defexpo Rafael will also release the TacMAX –Tactical broadband network for ground forces

Also on display:
Breaching Solutions
• Matador AS – Anti-structure breaching munition
• Matador WB – Wall breaching munition
• Simon – Door breaching rifle grenade
• Urban Star – Static assault round

Combat Vehicle Upgrading
• Samson RCWS Family – Remote controlled weapon stations
• ASPRO-P – Passive add-on armor
• ASPRO-H – Hybrid add-on armor
• ASPRO-A (Trophy) – Active armor

Naval Products – Rafael’s Naval Capabilities including:
• Protector – Integrated naval combat USV
• Sea Spotter – Staring, marine search, track and situational awareness

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