Friday, October 21, 2011

Brazilian submarine programme- Celso Amorim, Brazilian Minister of Defence, visits DCNS

 Brazilian Submarine Programme - Celso Amorim, Brazilian Minister of Defence, visits DCNS

 During his official visit to Cherbourg today, Brazilian Minister of Defence Celso Amorim was able to assess the progress of the submarine programme contracted to DCNS at the end of 2008. After being welcomed by DCNS chairman and CEO Patrick Boissier, Mr Amorim visited the workshops where part of the work is being done on this strategic programme, the largest international contract ever signed by DCNS.

"DCNS is undertaking an ambitious technology transfer programme which is enabling Brazil to acquire skills and master strategic technologies for its defence industry", declared Patrick Boissier, DCNS chairman and CEO. "Through this visit, which is an illustration of the strategic partnership agreement signed between Brazil and France, we are reaffirming our long-term commitment to the completion of this programme. We are pleased with its progress, which confirms the capacity of DCNS to conduct large-scale technology transfers. The confidence of the Brazilian Navy also confirms the technological value of DCNS and the export competitiveness of the Group."

At the end of 2008, DCNS was awarded the contract for the design and production under technology transfer of four Scorpène-class submarines, assistance for the design and production of the non-nuclear part of the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine, and support for the construction of a naval base and a shipyard in Brazil. The technical assistance provided by DCNS for the nuclear-powered submarine concerns the non-nuclear part of the vessel, the Brazilian Navy retaining full responsibility for the nuclear steam supply system. The programme as a whole is carried out through a far-reaching transfer of technology and supervised by the Brazilian Navy,

In accordance with the contract schedule, the first work kicked off in Cherbourg in May 2010, on the day the first steel was cut for the forward part of the first of the four submarines. This part is being built entirely in Cherbourg. It will be delivered to the Brazilian yard in the fourth quarter 2012. Construction of the aft part of the first submarine began in Brazil in July 2011.

The launch of construction in Brazil of the first submarine is one of the most important milestones of the programme. It indicates that the engineers, technicians and workers who have received training at DCNS in France have acquired the knowledge necessary for latest-generation submarine hull production and that Brazil possesses the necessary industrial facilities.  Meanwhile, earthworks and foundation work on the shipyard and the naval base have already started.

The four Scorpène-class S-BR conventional submarines meet the particular specifications of the Brazilian Navy: they are fully configured for the needs of protection and defence of Brazil's 8,500-kilometre coastline. They are multi-purpose ocean-going submarines designed for all types of mission, including combat against surface ships, antisubmarine warfare, special operations and intelligence-gathering.

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