Monday, January 18, 2010

Joint Army Navy sailing expedition flagged off


Pix1: The sailing expedition cast off from Kochi

Pix2: The sailing expedition being flagged off by Rear Admiral Jamwal and Maj Gen GS Narang

Pix3: Maj Gen GS Narang presenting a memento to the Southern Naval Command

Pix4: The sailing expedition prior to Flag Off from Kochi.

A joint sailing expedition by the Indian Army and Indian Navy to Mumbai was Flagged Off from the Naval Base by Rear Admiral SS Jamwal, Chief of Staff of Southern Naval Command and Major General GS Narang, General Officer Commanding 41 Artillery Division. The sailing expedition commemorates the 12th reunion of the Regiment of Artillery and is being undertaken in three sail boats of J-24 Class. Lieutenant Commander Niel Manjooran, leads the team with two officers from the Indian Army and 17 Soldiers and Sailors.

Such joint ventures between the Army and Navy got fresh impetus post the affiliation of the Naval Gunnery School, INS Dronacharya with the Indian Army's Artillery School at Devlali in August 2008. The joint Gunners team is expected to reach Mumbai on 3rd February where they would be Flagged In by the Director General of the Corps of Artillery of the Indian Army.

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