Monday, January 25, 2010

Gallantry Awards for Army Personnel announced : 2010


Maj Suresh Suri was part of inner cordon around a suspected house. After carrying out quick appreciation of the situation, Major Suresh Suri alongwith three other ranks entered the house to search for the hideout. On the second floor of house the officer found some suspicious loose planks of wood on the roof where the hideout was expected. The officer scaled the roof with his buddy to achieve surprise. They however came under heavy fire from the terrorists and got seriously injured. The officer despite being injured retaliated with fire from his Rifle AK-47 and also lobbed a hand grenade, killing one terrorist and injuring the other. The second terrorist took cover in the hide out and started firing indiscriminately, causing injuries to other personnel of the search party. The officer ensured the safe evacuation of injured comrades. In the ensuing fire fight the officer was greviously injured and later succumbed to his injuries.


Major Pushpender Singh is presently serving with 28 Assam Rifles in Manipur and with his consummate leadership and ingenuity has created an effectual and vibrant intelligence network, delivering hard blows to the activities of the terrorists thus making it extremely difficult to operate in the battalion Area Responsibility. The officer has effectively participated in numerous operations/encounters and has eliminated/apprehended large number of terrorists.

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