Friday, January 29, 2010


The Indian Army is conducting a Know Your Army Exhibition at Fort William on 30th and 31st Jan 2010 for citizens of Kolkata. The Exhibition is being hosted to give people an insight into the life in the Army and introduce them to various weapon systems and equipment. This will give the citizens of Kolkata a 'hands on' experience about the various arms and ammunition used by the Army.

The theme of the exhibition is 'Indian Army – Partner in Nation Building'. The aim of the 'Know your Army exposition' is to reach out to the youth of the country and give them a glimpse of the Army. This will attract them towards joining the organization. During the exhibition, the Army would be displaying an underground bunker using which the Soldiers guard our frontiers. Apart form this Antitank guided missile, Early Warning Radars, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical warfare equipment would be also on display. The citizens of Kolkata would also be able to see, hold & click photographs of various small arms and helicopter from the Army Aviation corps.

The exhibition is open for public from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The entry for the exhibition is from George Gate, opposite to Princep Ghat memorial.

The Indian Army is one of the largest and the best trained Armies of the world. It is well equipped to defend our country from the external aggressions and provide assistance during any natural calamity. It has a strength of appx 11 lakh personnel and is well organized into various formations for battle readiness at all times. The unique preposition of the Indian Army are its personnel, characterized by valour, sacrifice, fidelity, honour and courage. The citizens of Kolkata visiting the exhibition would get a glimpse of these too.

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