Saturday, January 23, 2010

Era of heavy MBT's in South Asia

Arjun Tank is expected to roll on Rajpath in Indian Army colours. As per individuals I have spoken with in the past, Indian Army has a strong reason to induct Arjun Tanks. It is expected Al-Khalid tank is putting on weight, as it adds on new systems in future Mark phases.

Logically, Indian Army, no matter how much it harps on the FMBT, will have to keep hi-lo mix of tanks, i.e, Light - Medium - Heavy. Current tilt is for medium tanks as this is what dominates South Asian scenario.

Another possibility is Afghanistan may get residual M1A1 Abrams. Since, US is leaving Iraq with some M1A1 Abrams, it is only logical to assume that Afghanistan may also get these.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to Tank Vs Tank, the heavier ones have an advantage.It is not like that the lighter ones are nimble. Heavier ones are equally nimble. They carry more ammo, crew comfort & protection.

chacko Joseph said...

True. At the same time the tanks have to be protected from RPG and Mines. But, that is not a peculiar condition for heavy tanks alone. All tanks have to be protected.