Friday, January 8, 2010

Energy Security: the most important Issue – Dr. Kakodkar

Energy security is the most important issue facing our country, said Dr. Anil Kakodkar, former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and currently Chairman, Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences. While talking to the media persons on the sidelines of the 97th Indian Science Congress in Thiruvananthapuram he said that the question of energy security has new dimensions world over on the issue of sustainability. To improve the quality of life it is imperative to develop energy resources and at the same time it is imperative that it should be sustainable. He said that we should adhere to solving the issue of energy security as fast as possible.

Dr. Kakodkar said that the focus of the congress session on energy security was on new and renewable energy sources especially hydrogen and hydrocarbon. Innovation and leap frogging are required on this area as it has specific Indian problems.

He said that three points came up for discussion during the session. The first one related to shortage of energy resources and to augment and widen the exploration for new sources of energy including artificial liquid hydrocarbon. He said that access to energy sources also is required.

The second point was technology development and it is challenge. Dr. Kakodkar said that thorium is the long-term answer. It is imperative to give a larger focus on research and development and should find ways to develop liquid hydrocarbon.

Transmission of research and development results to commercial use was the third point of discussion of the session. Dr. Kakodkar said that it needs effort as resources and technology are limited.

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