Friday, January 22, 2010

DRDO participation in Republic Day Parade 2010

As every year, this year also DRDO will be parading some of their products on the Republic Day. While some of the products already inducted by Indian Army will be forming part of Army’s contingent, other products will be shown under DRDO banner.

The equipments that are being displayed by DRDO in the Republic Day parade for the first time are :

    1. Light Combat Aircraft - Tejas
    2. Shaurya Missile
    3. Rohini Radar

DRDO’s star product namely Agni III missile will be displayed again for the public.

The brief description of each of the equipment is hereby attached.


Indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft – TEJAS is the most compact, light weight, supersonic, multi-role, combat aircraft, best in its class in the world. TEJAS has been built incorporating key technologies like Carbon Composites for primary structures, agility through Unstable Aerodynamic Configuration, Quadruplex Digital Flight Control System, Glass Cockpit and Digital Avionics. As on date, more than 1200 sorties have been successfully flown by IAF pilots on seven prototypes of TEJAS. Trainer variant of TEJAS has successfully taken to skies. Naval variant of TEJAS is being developed for Carrier borne operations and the prototype is in the final stages of fabrication.


Agni – III is an indigenously developed Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile. With a range of 3500 km, Agni – III provides vital deterrence capability for Indian Defence. The Missile with two stage solid propellant Rocket Motor is transported and launched from rail network anywhere in the country. The Missile is inertially guided with high accuracy and is designed to carry nuclear payload.


SHAURYA is a canisterized surface to surface strategic missile developed by DRDO for use by the Armed Forces. Mounted on a 8 x 8 Tatra vehicle this missile has a range of 700 Kms with a 500 kg warhead and can be launched from fixed as well as mobile Launchers. Boosted by a solid propellant rocket motor, the missile travels at hypersonic speeds. Productionisation activity has already commenced and soon this missile will give a real edge to the services in their battle readiness.


ROHINI is a ground based 3D Medium Range Surveillance Radar for air space surveillance having 180 km range and high altitude coverage. It is capable of detection and tracking hundreds of air targets, even under hostile EW environment. The radar has advanced technologies like multibeam antenna, digital receiver, programmable signal processor providing high resolution, accuracy, response and information availability and 24 x 7 airspace awareness to the Commanders during peace and war time. The radar has been inducted in the service and mode of realization of the radar has been quoted as shining example of DRDO Industry Synergy, the new age objective of DRDO.

DRDO developed systems being showcased by Army are the following :

    1. Main Battle Tank Arjun
    2. Samyukta Integrated EW System
    3. Armoured Engineering Recce Vehicle
    4. Multispan Mobile Bridging System – Sarvatra
    5. Armoured Ambulance

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