Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Army Air Defence celebrates Seventeenth Raising Day

The Corps of Army Air Defence celebrates its Seventeenth Raising Day was celebrated on 10 Jan 2010. Army Air Defence has dedicated itself to the service of the nation with its motto of “Akashe Shatrun Jahi”. Effectiveness of Air Defence guns and missiles against enemy aircraft in the battle zone, as well as, in the hinterland has been amply demonstrated in the various wars fought by our nation. Air Defence is a national imperative and would continue to remain so. A vibrant and effective air defence environment backed up with low and medium level surveillance and automated controlling system is essential to protect the key strategic installations, as well as, the vital assets of the field forces. The Army Air Defence is therefore a key element for success in any future conflict.

The Corps of Army Air Defence has proved its mettle during operations in Burma, Malaya and Bahrain during the Second World War it again lived up to its motto during the Indo-Pak Wars of 1965, 1971 and during the Kargil operation. In addition to its operational responsibilities, Air Defence personnel are actively employed in Counter- Insurgency Operations both as part of Air Defence Units, as well as Rastriya Rifles. Army Air Defence, since inception, has earned three Military Crosses, one Member of British Empire, four Kirti Chakras, twenty one Vir Chakras, eight Shaurya Chakras, ninety two Sena Medals, four Battle Honours and seven Unit Citations for valour and bravery in battle.

With the ever changing face of technology, it is imperative that the Corps remains modern and well equipped and in full operational preparedness. To this end, Army Air Defence is poised to grow steadily in times to come. On the occasion of 17th Corps Day, Army Air Defence personnel reiterate their resolve to remain focused and strive to further enhance their operational and technical competence and live up to their responsibilities entrusted to them by the nation.

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