Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Indian Navy, Army, Air Force along with the Indian Coast Guard will be conducting the largest ever amphibious exercise on the West Coast on the 9th February. The exercise is part of the annual major exercise 'TROPEX' that the Indian Navy conducts every year.

Newly inducted Landing Platform Dock (LPD) INS Jalashwa, several Landing Ship Tank Large {LST(L)}, fleet ships with their integral helicopters, shore-based aircraft and submarines from the Indian Navy; a Brigade group with integral armour, artillery and engineers from the Indian Army; Jaguars, Sukhois, air to air Refueller aircraft and helicopters from the IAF and hovercraft from the Indian Coast Guard will participate. Special Forces have also been dovetailed into the overall concept of operation.

In modern warfare, an amphibious landing is the most complex of all military manoeuvres involving coordination and synergy from conceptualization to planning and final execution. This is the first time the Joint Doctrine on Amphibious Warfare of the Indian Armed Forces which was unveiled last year will be put into practice with its full scope. As a precursor to the present operation, a tri-service landing operation, 'TRIVENI' was conducted at Lakshadweep Islands in early January this year. The designated forces have trained extensively by day and night. Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers and troops have been carried in both stand-off and hard beaching. Extensive use of heli-borne troop movement forms an integral part of the exercise which is meant to provide 'over the horizon' capability to the landing force.

The presently conducted exercise is over and above the Indian Navy's continued anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and its ongoing operations on the western seaboard.

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