Friday, February 5, 2010

Saab at DefExpo 2010

Saab in hall 14, stand 14.12 at the DefExpo in New Delhi, India.

# Land Systems:
The multi-purpose weapon system Carl-Gustaf is man-portable for direct fire. It can be used in almost any combat situation and the new generation of ammunition gives the soldier the ability to defeat most types of target.

The AT4 is one of the most successful anti-armour weapons ever developed. It can be used to combating tanks and combat vehicles, but also landing craft, aircraft and helicopters as well as armoured vehicles.

The RBS 70 is a man-portable/vehicle-mounted Air Defence Missile System. The 4th generation of the system has non-cooled laser transmitter minimising reaction times and logistic support. Try the simulator in our stand.

The RBS 15 is a Surface-to-Surface Missile system possessing high hit probability by a flexible pre-launch programmable active radar seeker. It is designed to operate in naval missions.
# Gripen:
The combat aircraft is the most capable and cost-effective multi-role fighter available today. It is a totally integrated weapon system, capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air and air-to-surface operational missions.
# Land Electronic Defence System:
Saab's Integrated Defensive Aids Suites provide EW self protection for airborne platforms in sophisticated, diverse and dense threat environments. It is the most compact and lightweight suite of existence today.

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