Friday, March 21, 2008

China tells US to not to meddle in Tibet

Here is what the Chinese guys said.
Soon after Pelosi met the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, Chinese Ambassador to India Zhang Yan said no "country, organisation or person" should "take any irresponsible act or say irresponsible words" on happenings in Tibet.

"We oppose any country, any organisation, any person to interfere in China's internal affairs," Yan told reporters here when asked to comment on Pelosi's meeting with the Tibetan leader.

"On this issue, we have staged clearly, Tibet is China's internal affair. We don't allow anybody to meddle in China's internal affairs. Any attempt to cause trouble to china is doomed to fail," the envoy said.

It will be easier for Chinese to vacate Tibet that it expecting rest of the world to get disinterested. Chinese expect world to look away they trample the innocent monks.

Then the Chinese go on to tell the world that
China hopes that any country, organisation or person has "clear understanding of incidents" in Tibet and respond accordingly

It happens, the rest of the world cannot understand and "see through", we need Chinese to tell us all that...

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